Dear fellow Liberty.Me Member,

I’d like to extend an invitation to attend our upcoming natural resources conference, the Sprott Vancouver Natural Resource Symposium.

The roster of speakers we’ve brought together is a true “dream team” – Bill Bonner and Doug Casey, among many others. I’ll be at the podium or on the exhibit floor all day throughout the event. The show is July 22-25, at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. Of course, not all of you will have the ability to make it out to Vancouver for a 4-day show on short notice. But if you are interested, you can go at the same rate that I provide my clients. Click here for the preferential rate.

And right on the heels of my conference, you can attend a one-day event hosted by long-time Liberty advocate and podcaster Jayant Bhandari. I highly recommend this intimate and open debate-style event for liberty-minded people.  Previous years allowed me to deepen my own thinking on a variety of subjects, and I will be speaking again this year. This relaxed event is a great way to change pace after the Sprott Symposium, before we all head on off to our respective lives. You can find out all the details at Capitalism & Morality.

Here’s hoping to see you there!